August 28th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Ah well FUCK A DUCK preferably sdlm's Bondage Quacker!

maniacnun I need your help... You're the only one I know who rocks in the AMV department.

My system HATES movie maker programs and VCD burning programs even more.

My movie maker disallows any sort of transition to be used, the program just shuts off.
and Trying to turn a completed video into a VCD so I can enter it in the y-con comedy category the program keeps telling me MEPG2 can't be converted even though I have and installed numerous times the correct plug in.

When I FINALLY got it to work, the timing on the VCD was MASSIVELY FUCKED UP! The images where about 10-15 seconds ahead of the music track. I made the VCD off my .wmv file (It's all I have)

Do you have any of these problems and how do you fix it? I'm such a no-brainer when it comes to anything programy-software-technical.

How do you convert your AMV's to enter them into contests?

And your advice would be MUCHO GREATLY appreciated really if you saw the GetBackers AMV I did...

Should I HONESTLY not waste my time entering?... Will I totally embarrass myself? I've never done this before.

It's here if you haven't seen it and want to see it: GetBackers AMV
You gotta have Window Media Player 9.0 to see it apparently
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