August 21st, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Jackhammer for Brains

To petermaxwell

I'm sorry I've not done the WR RPG yet, my head really, REALLY hurts, I can't think straight.

to jo_mako

I'm hoping my head will be in gear at least marginally for your arrival tomorrow. I saw your post about time and 5pm is good, I'll be looking for you then. (Now time to go clean the bathroom for your impending arrival.

BTW: What’s your favorite cake? Lemon? I forget.

psyche_chan, crazykracker, irishangels and anyone else within driving distance and wants to come by...

Date: Saturday 8-23-03
Time: Noon
Event: Small BBQ in D's backyard to celebrate Mako and My Joint B-day's. Just Hot Dogs and Burgers, nothing fancy. Gonna watch tele, eat, bullshit etc... like I said nothing fancy.

And Now I am going back into dark room, to DIE!
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