June 18th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Okay, I need some analysis here

Last night was WEIRD....

And no I'm not crazy either and was NOT seeing things.

It started off at 3 am, I went out for a smoke before I turned in for the night, and low and behold I saw a UFO.

I'm dead serious, this is the third time in my life I’ve seen one, I watched it hover and swing to and fro for about 15 minutes before I went inside and woke my mom up to come outside and confirm my eyes were not playing tricks on me.... we watched those little string of twinkling lights dance another 15 minutes before sleep called and we had to give it up, it was still there doing it's thing when we went to bed.

NOW the weird stuff.

I had one of those bizarre and vivid dreamscapes (nothing to do with the UFO sighting, the dream was beyond freaky) let me describe the disturbing dream and maybe someone who knows about dreams can tell me what the HELL I ate...

It started with me in bed, watching credits to the end of a TV program or Movie.... I turn and look, this is not my bedroom, there is also a couch and chair facing an additional 2 television sets (One large screen, one smaller side by side) they are also rolling credits white text on black... I get up and turn off the TV's and walk through a set of double doors with art deco like movie theater light scones on either side offering DIM lighting to the room.

I remember thinking how HOT it had been today as I enter this new room... there are duplicate double doors and sconces at the other side of this room too, which is a kitchen (a filthy cobwebby kitchen) I'm in now. Off to the right is a door propped open, with a screen door shut, leading outside to a run down porch that is covered in dirty old SNOW.

In my dream I think, the snow didn't melt after a day like today? How odd....

Dream gets a little fuzzy here, I think I walk through the second set of double doors, but I'm in the same dirty kitchen looking out at the same porch with dirty snow...

I reach up to shut the door, and feel a sharp pain in my hand. I look as the door shut, it's been standing open so long, there are spider webs all over the place behind it, and a crystal CLEAR black widow shaped spider is walking away from me along the web, it has just bit me because it was on the knob of the door when I went to shut it.

I turn and walk back the way I came and go back to my bed.

The only thing in this whole dreamscape that is echoed in the real world, including my purple sheets. EVERYTHING ELSE was in black and white. Only my sheets were in color.

TALK ABOUT IGMAR BERGMAN MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've never seen one all the way through, just like a French and Saunders spoof of one once.

No this dream didn't wake me up, if it did, I don't remember waking.

But I remember it this morning with disturbing clarity.

WTF did *THAT* all mean? What did I eat so I can avoid it. I had a cold crab and shrimp salad for dinner.

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I know what I saw was a UFO last night, this is the fifth time (I noticed) this morning Military aircraft flying around overhead. 3 fighter planes just flew over while I was out smoking and I saw 2 earlier do the same thing and just heard the others while sitting inside.

Atmospheric gasses my ass.


toxictattoo, the anime store opened again (FINALLY) and they still have the Berserk griffith/caska action figure box set, the set costs $54.99 plus tax. Did you still want them? They seem awfully expensive for 2. 8" inch dolls with swords and stuff.

Ebay might actually be cheaper. Your call, what do you want me to do?
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