June 16th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


OMG, I'm BEYOND amused

Look Someone hates me SOOOOOOOOOO Much they must rant about me several times in their pita journal/blog.

Actually she also hates ashkitty with no less fervor. Ash this is a RIOT, you'll remember this girl, I do, my oh my we must have sacrificed her unborn children or something in a past life.

Gotta love out of all proportion teenage angst.

I need popcorn, this is GOOD and goes on and on and on and on, it's like the Energizer flame bunny!

Read BAD SHIT about D and ASH on the Net!

Although HERE She declares she loves Ashura again, but I am still demon spawn apparently. Her reason? I didn't leave GW fandom after she flamed me and Ashura went to HP and DiR.



Now on her most current page she is singing Ashura's praises (a complete 180), and even is pimping her website.

GO figure, write a little slash that turns her on, you're her new best friend Ash! (She says as much!!!! You turn her on!)


I just found this one page by accident, it came up in an unrelated Google Search... I will scour the rest of this and laugh my ever lovin' keester off.

Note I see the hatred (apparently ends here) clear att he very bottom she gave up. I never knew she was this mad, Um hello?!?!? What's the point of this beyond making me laugh my butt off?
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

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I do NOT know how I got this!!!!!

I was trying to pick the Inuiu answers (Since Um, that is technically ME in the story in the first place!!!)

The only answer that I gave that could have been Quatre was the Blonde Hair one, cause well I do have blonde hair.
Go figure, but I must say... having Trowa hot for my ass is a GOOD, GOOD THING!

Even if in reality, I'm the guy talking really loud and delivering love notes (sort of) for Trowa! *GRIN*

Congratulations! You are Katrah-en (Quatre), the
Prince of Nekheb. You're arrogant and pushy,
but there might be a gleam of humanity beneath
your oh-so hot exterior.

Which 'Prince of Nekheb' Character Are You?
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