March 10th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

OMG! A Milestone!

At least a milestone for me.

Now I have been, for no reason at all, these past 2 years slowly and steadily losing weight.

When I got married, my ring size had topped out to a size 10.

I hit a size 9 in eighth grade, and wore a 9 all through High School and College, after college, I kept getting fatter and by the end of my marriage even the size 10's were tight.

Last year, my 10's were just too big, and kept falling off my fingers, and those rings are my NICE jewelry, but I didn't and DON'T want to resize them until I stop losing weight.

I bought a cheap mood ring last year and cheered when it was a size 9.

It was cheap tin, and battered to hell since I never took it off since I bought it.

So I was just out blowing off steam and wound up at the obligatory Hippy Earth Goddess Wiccan store that can be found in every mall now-a-days, and thought I'd pick up a cheap pewter something to replace my dying mood ring.

I hadn't realized how loose my ring had become, cause I went to the size 9 case and everything was too big.

I thought.. "NO WAY" grabbed an 8 and it's a touch big, but the 7 was too small which means I'm probably down to a 7 and a half.

But OMG! I have not worn a ring this small since I was 12!

As in seventh grade, age 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 years ago!

I am beyond happy. I still look like a pregnant cow, but damn, I'm getting there!

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