February 17th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Simon Cowell

Is a GOD!

God I love brutal honesty. I didn't watch the first American Idol, cause well, I could really care less about glorified kareoke on TV.

Then I saw clips of Simon, and I fell in love.

I am a HUGE Music snob and I usually shark bite MOST big name acts for the hack talent they are and only made it on pretty faces.

Where notes go all over the place, yet miss the melody entirely. (You don't have to sing 27,000 notes to say the word "The" HONEST.)

Can you tell I hate Mariah Carey who started this fucking trend to sing EVERYWHERE, and hope they hit a note somewhere in the chord.


Now, I am a classically trained musician, and I love pretty much anything you throw at me.

I hate the new trend of "show off" singing, and I have faced "Simon" or his carbon copies YEARS ago when I was bustling and trying to earn money while in college by singing in DIVES, Music I hated, until the wee hours of the morning every night.

And trying to "make it" I must have faced no less than 50 "Bad" Simon's.

Simon actually listens to the MUSIC.

My problem all those years ago? I must have heard this phrase a million times.

"Boy you have a GREAT voice. But you're too fat. Sorry."

I'm not kidding, that was EXACTLY what I was told. Time and Time again. The music industry is 90% what you SEE and only 10% what you HEAR.

WHAT??!?!?!? That just pisses me off, but it's so True.

No current singer on billboard's line up is ugly (females, males are another thing entirely, HUGE double standard going on. There are also racial standards I won't go into. But let's say it's stacked again White Females and THEN SOME. It's the turth, I've been in the trenches.)

I bet the BEST VOICE in the world you'll never hear cause people are swayed only by packaging, not TALENT.

THANK GOD FOR SIMON. 'Cause Rueben is not something to look at, but DAMN that boy can SING!

God How I wish I was 20 again, when I was at my prime and TRYING to get a break. 'cause not to toot my own horn, but I can STILL sing circles around some of these contestants, (I was 1000 times better 12 years ago, I smoked too much over the years.) I'd so be in the next tryouts if I were young enough.

Sadly, it's only open to people not in the "Thirty-Something" crowd.


But had American Idol been around in my youth, I'd have been there with knobs on.


He fucking Rocks! I'd have KILLED for a manager like him when I was trying to break into the biz. He's brutally honest, but he listens and he has a good fricking ear.

Paula is far too nice. she won't tell it like it is and gives false hope.

But Simon! I'm in love!

I'm so envious of kids today, so many opportunities I never had and wish I'd had.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Kaze Wallpaper

because I'm sleepy and feeling un-creative, but wanted to do SOMETHING.

durberville benefits, since her ficcy "Phantasmagoria" inspired faerie tale imagery and Kaze art is so damn pretty.

A wallpaper for you Lorena!

Made with some medieval brushes I made the other day. I have this WONDERFUL architectural reference book full of lithograph illustrations. I made a ton of brushes from it. And of course the confessional thingy is well... you'll never escape the Catholic jibes babe, and it is your fault ya know.


Hope you like Lorena!
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