February 10th, 2003

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A Moment to remember a Pen and Ink Icon

I read today that on January 20th, 2003

One of my favorite artists of all time died at the age of 99 to heart failure.

Rest in Peace Al Hirschfeld.

For those of you wondering who this is, one LOOK at any of his pen and ink masterpieces you'll know who he is.

Here's his homepage: http://www.alhirschfeld.com

One of my favorite things to do, is in every single one of his drawings since 1946 he hid his daughter's name, "NINA", in the picture somewhere.

This was the "Where's Waldo" BEFORE Waldo was even THOUGHT of, with much superior art. Or in his words his "Cruel and Brutal" art.

I've spent HOURS pouring through his works looking for NINA.

And then laugh at myself if I can't find it 3 hours later to discover it was from one of his earlier works.

Teach me not to check date first!

He'd been doing these portraits since 1926, over 75 years worth of mastery.

Some 10,000 pieces to his collection.

I will well and truly miss you Mr. Hirschfeld.

May you rest in peace.
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Another Fic Fragment

I have sitting here doing hard-drive time yet another Fic in progress?

One that I started just before I got the e-bola virus from Hell.

Too may plot bunnies never enough time to finished them all.


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