February 6th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


Especially Baby_Pen, Ponderosa, SeaWasp, Kitsune....
You have a ton o shit stolen from you an illegally archived here:

I'm only to page 7 of the 21 pages of just the Gundam wing section and I've seen almost all of Ponderosa COMMISSIONED work up there. Not a good thing, and If I were the owner of the commission I'd be pissed off. Like windsorblue the Pic "Sphere" for your Bachelor fic is up there, All of Raletha's commissions are up here.

Not good.

Still trolling I find Manon's Watercolors. ><____>< it took her long enough to POST her watercolors and someone steals them just ARRRRGH!

That is by MANON not "Dreamig Stars Blue"

and I'm not Kidding Pond *ALL* off your stuff is up there. I'm at like 30 pics and counting so far.

All of b_p's Stuff is up there.

This makes me exceedingly glad I"m in the 3x4 minority.
Cause none of my 3x4 was stolen. Only 1x2 artists where pilfered.

and the Only 3x4 up there is Ponderosa's (Cause well you were known 1x2 first so it goes to figure they just took everything you had to offer babe.)

I will pray to my thankful 3x4 obscure gods tonight.