February 2nd, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Welcome BubbaQ

Well Bubba asked me if any of my friends would like to talk to him too.

Well I said to myself, rather than give out his e-mail to mailing lists, which makes me shudder at the thought... I'd set him up a Live Journal of his own.

Now I just set it up for him, so he's not used it yet (2 hour time difference after all, he's probably asleep about now.)

But if any of you who have heard me gush about BubbaQ (He likes that, or Quatre. What a kid!) and want to adopt a kid brother (he's 13 remember folks).

He's bubbaq

There Bubba, I've done what you asked kiddo!


On unrelated stuff, I've got yet another COLD! *WACHOO!!!!!!*