January 15th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Inspired but LAZY

Okay I have original plot bunnies coming out of my ASS, and I am sitting here procrastinating starting. For several reasons

  • I have too many unfinished projects languishing

  • I feel guilty as hell if I don't finish fandom stuff and get pleading e-mails from people. (Not that I don't appreciate it, on the contrary, but well... I sometimes want to do other stuff like original things... like now.)

  • Other original projects like my "Reunion of the Realm" book. The sequel "Realms in Shadow" was at one time 600+ pages which I scraped entirely, the second attempt at this sequel with a fresh plot was better but The muse is dead, died, brutally murdered in its sleep. I've been writing this on and off for going on 10 years and I just cannot seem to hang onto the muse on this one, I think I've exhausted the plot bunny for this. I can't make it work. Enter that Guilt feeling again.

So what do I end up doing? Nothing, wanting to start, dreading to start, and wondering who the hell I'm gonna show it too when I'm done.

Because people who tell you they write for themselves are only LYING to themselves. At least that's the case with me. I'm writing so you'll read it, but with original works... well... the audience is much smaller. I will still write, (when I get off my ass), but wondering if I should post it on my site, or just let it sit in my computer.

Don't mind me, I'm babbling again.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Giving Characters NAMES....

Is a son of a bitch.

I have the personalities and roles in my head, but naming them something that is original and fitting is a pain in the ass man.

The plot is still naught but a little pestering entity in my head. I can't write yet until I have something to call these twerps demanding attention in my head.

If it's any consolation, they are both cute and sexy, so even nameless at least the muses in my head are good looking.

I think I need mental help.
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