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Technically Challenged

First Apologies to my honey for not being able to chat at all tonight
I just got a NEW LAPTOP

Only trouble is, I've never had one (a laptop), I'm trying to network it in to our home network, and get the new wireless router system to work

and I GIVE UP, I've spent HOURS AND HOURS trying to figure this out.

I have internet on Mom's and my computer so I KNOW it's hooked up right and working, but I've no clue how to get "Monty" up and running on the network.

I'm bloody clueless.

It's a rather an expensive paper weight if I can't figure it out.


So who knows when I'll be on the net tomorrow, I'm too tired and frustrated right now to continue, it's my bed time.

but I did also get a new 20" flat screen TV and DVD player since my old ones finally gave up the ghost.

Thank you 2 years same as cash Best Buy card and Uncle Sam Tax return.

The only gadget left on my "must have someday" list is the digital camera!

Next years return!!!


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