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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY KOISHII sentairick (Fred *runs*)

and Much love to everyone I hope you all are as happy as I finally am!

(all my friends on GAIA, please log in tomorrow, and check your private messages, I sent stuff. And I hope and PRAY I remembered all of you, I had a LONG LONG list of you peeps and I bought cute crap until I was VIRTUALLY BROKE for all of you!)

Hopefully going out with Crystal psyche_chan for lunch today, gonna see Sean and Genevieve's Baby (Aeris) tomorrow (again) only she's 7 weeks now, I bet she's so flipping cute!!!, then come home and lavish attention on MY SWEETIE... then hopefully read some of Lorena's book.

Then SUNDAY going out to Dinner with My Parents to Red Lobster to celebrate their MASSIVE Tax return.

Last year I was below poverty level money wise (Holy crap, I only made 11K all year! O_O) So I'm getting most of my money back...

and I'm rambling now, BED TIME FOR BONZO!

Goodnight HAPPY Valentines Day everyone!

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