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Your Bishounen Slaves(one may perform various roles) by DS2020
Favorite tool for discipline
Sex SlaveOmi Tsubyono
CookHeero Yuy
HousekeeperYzak Jule
ChauffeurDuo Maxwell
MasseuseSha Goyjo
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

I hope I can have interludes with the masseuse instead!!! Omi gives me like visions of Mother and Son bondage O_o... I prefer him with Ken or Aya anyway :PPPP

And maybe the chauffeur and the cook will let me watch?


Home today, I fell at work last night (Never fails, I don't create a lot of body heat, so the sensor by the door, which I sit a mere 10 feet from, can't pick up my body heat so it shuts off the lights on me everyday between 5:52 and 5:55 PM plunging me into darkness and I have to get up and dance in front of the door stretching like a fool because I have to stay attached to my phone/headset.)

Well last night as the light went out, my phone rang while in the middle of my "turn the lights back on stupid sensor dance". I fell/stumbled not all the way down but enough to wrench something BAD, twisting to run back to my desk to take the call and sprained the FUCK out of my ankle.

I should win an Oscar for taking the call and not betraying in the tone of my voice I was in AGONY PAIN.

Like today, can't even stand on the fucker today.

So I called in, gotta keep it on ice and elevated, and if they tell me I have to get it x-rayed, they can pay for it.

It's their fault, I've told them about the stupid lights on NUMEROUS occasions. And I don't have insurance I can't afford a doctor visit let alone huge x-ray bills.


And now Here I sit, and I know Rick is gonna feel bad when he reads this... I'll live.

xoxoxo ~_^



I have my copy of Lorena's New Book!!!

Thank you for signing it for me I really appreciate it.

Both Mom and I and about 2 or three people at work are looking forward to reading it...

I get it first however!


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