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The News

Okay the news has broken, we wanted Saishi to be surprised so we kept a tight lid on this for a week.

The News is, and for those of you who go waaaaay back to GWFF 2000-2001 will be the most surprised at this news.

When we first met, we were married to other people, but we became great friends.
We created the TTDSDG radio drama together with a bunch more of you...
then life went 2 different directions for a couple of years. We were still friends but didn't speak as much as we used to.
We both had divorces and the Real life from HELL dramas to attend to respectively.

Last week, our lives ran back into one another and something clicked, and clicked in a very good way.

I'd like to announce here for those of you that missed the radio program that Sentai Rick and the fablespinner (Gag, what we are called on-line ya know) or Just
Rick and D

are Rick *AND* D

We're together.

That's the news.

Where will this lead? We don't know yet.
We're taking it one day at a time.

But feel the Love, it's really thick around here.


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