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See D. See Happy D. See D dance....

Okay... what do I say without giving away anything by expressing my joy?

Let's just say when the "news" breaks a lot of my long standing friends from waaaaaaay back will first go:

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?" do a double take then go "NO WAY!!!" (I did and it involves me!!!)

then probably be as giddy over this as I am.

But I just have to say here for the record, I haven't been this uber happy in a long time.

News at 11 or 12, or whenever…

That's all you get for now. Not why I'm happy, nothing. Mum's the word for now... just because.


I also got an invite to do a full-page spread/pin up art for the Minkland anthology for y-con 2004, so happy x 2...

See my Rose Colored Glasses?

Lookin' good so far 2004!

Thank you Karma Gods!

I owe you!

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