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Life update

I've been so TIRED

Work is stressful, but not difficult thankfully.

And I have such limited free time anymore I just want to surf around mostly.

just thought I'd pop in and say I'm not dead, just feel like it.

I'm great for the most part, just adjusting to a high profile job again after being out of commission for so long is tough.

Into week 6 here, been on the phones solo about 3 of those and I have kick ass stats. Apparently my call handling stats are that of a seasoned 5 year rep, got a nice pat on the back from the "boss/trainer", a provider even sent in a letter to the boss saying how helpful, efficient and fast I was. YAY! It's nice to be acknowledged for working my butt off.

Not bad for 6 weeks.

But all the effort I put into work, I come home and DIE


so there you have it, I have no life, I work, eat, surf, sleep, get up and do it again.

I really dig my Trainer/Boss Rebekah, she's such a bohemian, I adore people who walk to the beat of their own drum.

She rocks my socks, and of the 18 who started this class, 7 of us are left (yes, the job is THAT high profile stressful), but of those seven, they're all pretty cool.

Even Derek came to work the day after his apartment was broken into and EVERYTHING stolen (psyche_chan this is the boyfriend of your friend you mentioned you met the other day, I'd call your girlfriend, it was her apartment too. O_o)

So yeah, that's it, staying out of trouble, working like there's no tomorrow, and that's about it.... hope I get my groove back soon where I can have ME ME time again.


Jan. 21st, 2004 06:17 pm (UTC)
I'm awfully glad it appears that your job isn't quite as bad as you first thought it would be. Hopefully everything will settle down soon and you'll have time to play.

Miss ya, though!

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