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Need new glasses

Either I already need a vacation from the New Job, or I need new glasses, or I need to stop drawing.

My eyes HURT, not like a dull ache, I mean like they are hardening in the sockets hurt.

Giving me outrageous headaches, but then the headaches could also be attributed to me sitting 8 hours a day learning the ins and outs of HMO's, PPO's, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus something or other that makes me visualize Harry Potter's night bus every time it's written out) federal laws, state laws and mandated region by region (All 50 states), etc... How they pertain to managed healthcare and to my JOB at being able to explain these things to policy holders/HMO members in plain English.

Not to mention on top of the BOOK cramming info, me learning Cigna's MASSIVE Intranet Structure and informational systems, their old DOS based National Healthcare Provider directories, Benefit access directories, and reading a gazillion interoffice e-mail memos daily.

My brain is MELTING in this job. Seriously.

And *AND* on top of all that, where I'm still a student like everyone ELSE in my class. I PRACTICALLY TAUGHT THE DAMN THING TO HALF THE CLASS TODAY!

We're doing Role Play scenarios to navigate systems, and I'm being the irate bitchy member on the phone (Okay so I liked that part about work today, I got to be a supreme bitch to everyone is class and get paid for it :PPPPP) "what do you MEAN I can't have a sex change operation!!!! I want your supervisor!" (believe it or not Disney employees can HAVE THAT operation and have it COVERED under their benefits. WOW! TO all my Transgendered friends who are pre-op... go work for Disney, they’ll pay for you to have it, they have KILLLLLLLER Health insurance packages!!)

But I seem to be the only one "Getting it" in class on how the job actually WORKS and how to find the information the customer/member/Provider/doctor needs.


There are 30 of us damn it, and I can't do my training cause I'm having to stop every three fucking seconds to answer:

"D! How do I find _______?"

D! HELP!!!

D! I'm locked up!

D! How do I document _______!?


It's common sense idiots, for 2 fucking WEEKS Rebekah (Our Trainer) has been explaining this stuff to us, am I the only one paying attention?

And because Rebekah is running around nuts trying to help half the class, the other half doesn't want to wait to panic, so they scream for me to help.

I'm like "DUDE, I'm NEW TOO! I could be doing this wrong."

(I'm not of course, but it's frustrating as FUCK, I am NOT your trainer, wait for Rebekah to show you (AGAIN) how to do it, and let me take my fucking Navi-tests in PEACE.)

So far I'm 100% on all written tests (4) and Computer tests (5) (yeah we take about 1 per day)

Now will I retain this information when I get on a Hot call from a pissed off real live person?

Probably, I'm usually really good at this sort of Job, did customer service for years in my early 20's, never healthcare, but I've actually been sick enough and dealt with all the HMO bullshit on the OTHER end of the contract as the customer, that I have a surreal grasp of this stuff. Who knew me almost dying would help me understand this stuff better. O_o

Now if the rest of my fellow classmates leave me the fuck alone! I might do well enough to make the temp stats permanent.

That would rock, talk about killer health insurance benefits, working for a massive health insurance provider!


Any how, that's how the life is going job wise, I'm kosher thus far, just annoyed with stupid people/co-workers.

Well all except for Paula, Paula rocks and gets it too.

We can keep Paula, I'd fire the rest just on sheer principle.

I'd not make a good boss, I've positively no tolerance for stupidity (That could be prevented if they opened their ears and shut their mouths in class.)

Oh man -- such a bitch troll I am.


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