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Gaia in the morning

Whoa some people are too big for their britches on Gaia

and I thought *MY* prices were expensive -- one gal wants 40K for a pick, and she's decent -- but not worth that sort of scratch man.

I was going to commission her, I spent and hour looking for a mini-shop or something. So I just went and PM'd her asking

She directed me to this: AUCTION (that's CLOSED mind you)

and her message to me was this:

I hold auctions sometimes, but I don't do commissions unless I'm offered at least 25k.

If you want, I can put you on a list of people to notify the next time I hold an auction.

Yes, I can do couple pics. But I'd like about 40k for that....

Um.. Maybe it's because I just crawled out of bed... but.... HELLO full of yourself much?

She had she been oh Humble in asking for those kinds of funds, I'd have made the effort to scrape it together.... but the arrogance is *SUCH* a Turn off man,

I know artists equally as good who'd never dream of being so brusque.

I guess cause she's 18 she's got the teenager attitude thrown in. I guess.. whatever.

Off to work now....


Okay -- Went back and talked with this person some more, clarified a lot of things and my initial reaction was inaccurate. Chalk it up to sparse messaging and early morning misinterpretation. Upon further communication with this person, I have changed my mind about their attitude.

It was just too little words, too early in the day and no voice inflection to judge intent.

SO all is cool, nice person, and I hurt her feelings and I feel horrible about it, but that too is cleared.

But again -- So sorry there!

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