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Spoils of the Day! What a BOOTY!

See D

See D go YIPPEE!


My old office Chair BROKE 2 days ago, LITTLE did I know, and this will show you how fucking DENSE and BLIND I am... For 2 weeks I never noticed the HUGE box in the garage, and I go out there EVERYDAY!


Anyway, under the tree was a box, when opened was a nice little poem mom wrote directing me to my present that wouldn't fit under the tree. (My mom is cool like that.)


It's Supple black leather...
It reclines...
it glides...
it has an ottoman... (that ALSO glides *JOY*)
it has a HUGE butt rest for my fat ass...
it has arm pockets to keep shit in...
The only thing this chair doesn't do is get me my drink and light my smokes!

I am so comfy at last. I spend so much time here in front of this computer, and I flipped over this chair in the store when I saw it!

No more aches and pains!

I also got a WONDERFUL down comforter for my bed (WARM SQUISH!!!)
and an electric blanket too! Mmmmmmmm Warm.

I also got two of those prop pillows (the upright things with mini-arms -- Hard to describe)

What else? oh a Box of Chocolates and two tiny little ceramic cats about the size of my thumb and Pinky nail that look like Hime and Chibi.

And then the kicker... a $200 Visa Gift card


Since they don't know what sort of Anime stuff I like, the "rents" loaded up a prepaid Visa


But not like I didn't break my bank on them either, you think I got a lot?

TRIPLE that for Mom and Dad, our Tree exploded with the massive amount of STUFF piled under it!

Mom got like 18 Agatha Christie Novels

a GORGEOUS diamond and Sapphire Cocktail Ring (My Dad ALWAYS buys her the most drool worthy jewelry every year. Last year he got her pearls. My Dad has great taste in Jewelry, and he really blows a wad on Mom every year... he picks it out in Like January and pays on it all year for her.) She also collects Sandicast Wolves, Sandi is a fantastic artist, and not only did mom get her newest creation, she got the FIRST ONE in the Limited production run. Dad made sure he got a hold of the company and got her the first one. My Dad is great isn't he? He really goes all out to make everything so special.

Mom also got about 12 DVDs of classic movies and musicals she wanted, and new fleece nightgowns, and ugh, I lost track.

Dad got play along disks (For when he's in his studio jamming on his guitars, he can pop these CD's in and have a Band behind him. They are designed for Lead Guitarists, the only part of the band missing is that, so dad can go nuts playing along.)

He got Rod Stewarts new albums where he remade all those old torch songs from the 1940's NICE ALBUMS, Dad also of course got from *ME* The 20th Anniversary Christmas Story box set, with the Ralphie bobble head, Animal House and the Blues Brothers on DVD *AND* this bitchin' Doll from Kaybee Toys I found. Yes, I bought him a doll, but not just ANY doll.

It's John Belushi, FROM Animal House, and you press the button and it's a digital recording of all of John's classic lines from the movie "TOGA TOGA TOGA!!!!!"


It was such a "dad gift" when I saw it!


Dad also got the Rocky Movies Box set, The Aliens Box set, the Terminator Box set, and the Godfather Box set... on DVD, we will never see him out of his studio ever again!


Added up in one lump, I bet We all spent in total about 2 grand on each other O_O, but we spend it all year long so it doesn't hurt so bad and it's paid for *BY* Christmas, no bills after. We are all adept at hiding shit around the house then trying to remember where we HID IT so we can wrap stuff.


What a haul!

I bought us a honeybaked ham (that mom is cooking/heating up) now for Christmas dinner and fixings to make daddy some Comat (Macedonian Dish very similar to Greek Spanokopita) My Grandmother used to make it every year, and taught me how to make it years ago, so it's tradition that I've carried on after she passed away about 10 years ago for Dad.

That's *ALL* I cook for dinner, because It's one of the few things I don't MIND cooking because Dad loves it so much. Otherwise I *HATE* cooking.

I buy the food, Mom cooks it. :PPPPP

The "Cratchett" household here is making merry, Dad is playing with his new Franklin Mint Dillienger Car mom got him, setting it up in his display case, Mom is putting on the ham, and my butt is rejoicing as I type this sitting in my NEW CHAIR!


Damn, we go nuts for each other at Christmas, but I wouldn't trade this day full of happy grateful smiles and love for ANYTHING!



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