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I've heard of Manic Depressive....

but Music Depressive?
I mean I went from David Cassidy to Meatloaf in 60 seconds!

but Damn I love this song!

My music line up tonight is really OUT There.

And I'm stalling writing playing with music tonight and making pointless noise in my LJ.

AHHHH! My ABBA ALBUM!!!! I forgot about this one!
Dancing Queen anyone?
Oh man, Nyquil is good shit man.

I'm being such a Music WHORE tonight. YOu should see my desk, it's COVERED in CD's and it's just the stuff I could juggle in out of the garage.

I kid you not, I must have a thousand CD's in various boxes, and that's just the stuff I KEPT!

When I got divorced I like did a MAJOR house cleaning. I got rid of a ton of shit in the garage sale too.


But I should listen to music more often, it's one of my happy places.

No, no ex-music major here. Sheesh, I've got EVERYTHING. From Classical, to Jazz, to Bluegrass, Techno Anime, CLassic Rock (a TON of that Genre), to country... you name it, it's probably on my desk here and I'm playing with it and listening to it.

Whoopie, I feel GOOD!

Oh, James Brown, where's my James Brown Record?


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