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Well, seeing as when I put the goggles on Keiji, he looked stupid.

I decided to sell them, and they had the cutest little elf ears that made me go CHRISTMAS ELF.. so introducing Keiji -- The Biker Christmas Elf

FWEE! Okay I'm having way too much fun playing electronic paper dolls, and I spend my commissions in like a nano-second over there.


I'm broke again after buying the red biker jacket - boots - green goth pants - and the 4200 buck ears, but it's only gold right?


I have a lot of art to do this weekend - I have 2 paid commissions- one art trade - and a freebie for someone who got shafted in her art trade, I felt bad for her when I red her tearful post on the forums, she wrote a huge multi chapter fic for someone in order to commission a piece of art for her friend for Christmas.

She got a whiteboard Oekaki BBS pic.

It was hideous, sloppy, 15 minutes.

That to me is unscrupulous behavior for an artist. If you do a trade, and a person spends a week writing you something, you DRAW THEM A PICTURE, you do not doodle on a BBS Oekaki for an hour and give them that. You lazy bint!

So I told this poor sobbing thing if I had time before Christmas, I'd do her one for free.

Oh and I gotta do Spubba's new site pic too! EEEE make that five pics before January 1st


Then there is still the one I've owed Sabrina FOREVER -- Another one I work on here and there that I must have started over a dozen times or more on because I've not liked any of them.

The picture that frustrates me the MOST so I have 6 projects in actuality, but that one is the MOST SPECIAL, and I'm being overly anal retentive about that one, I must have 20 rough sketches in the file box here on my desk with big fat "X"'s through them.


I'll get a layout I like yet DAMN IT!

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