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GW Fandom really can attract some idiots....

GOOD GOD, and I thought I had an attitude problem.

I should LJ Cut, but I really don't feel like it... SCROLL! (And giggle your way as you scroll....)

I have to say I was sadly out of the loop where 2 of my dear friends were concerned. I knew peripherally of the incident(s), but I really didn't seek out the sordid details, just skimmed the surface.

I just went back to read more in-depth (thank you Google) on what was ruffling their feathers....

and I thought *I* was the arrogant conceited BITCH, TROLL, HAG of GW FANDOM!

She makes me look like Sandra fucking DEE.

This person is 19 (all wise and full of life experience you know!) and saying things like this:

Welcome to D-Running Commentary 101... Begin "Sarcastic and Annoyed Fat Bitch" Mode

"After reading so many fics, I can safely say that I can spot the great ones after reading the first few paragraphs. Seem impossible? Yes, it may seem like it, but for some reason I have a talent for spotting the 'good ones'. "

Oh Really? So just reading a lot makes you an expert? ... WHO KNEW!? GEE! I've got like TONS more years reading experience than you... I MUST BE GOD!!!
*sidelong Glare* *snort*.

"Also, you're probably wondering why I have a GW yaoi fic site when there are so many on the net. The answer: A good majority of those sites have a 'few' good ones and some other 'ok' ones. I don't want that. I'm picky as hell and I don't want mediocre fics on my site, period. "

That's such a massive INSULT to about 99.9999% of the entire fandom. How disrespectful, really. How dare you call me mediocre, I'm only allowed to call me mediocre publicly damn it. (You can of course AGREE with me once I say it... but just saying it willy-nilly? That's just, well.... RUDE!!!!!!!!)

Next shocker I read.... I had to copy the whole section I was rolling my eyes so badly.

How do I pick which fics deserve to be on this site? Well, first of all, I'm telling you straight out that I don't let anyone recommend any fics to me unless they are VERY close friends or authors of this site. Over the years I've tried to find a workable way to archive fics on my other site. I tried recommendations from the fans, from friends, and from just surfing sites. After a while, with my mailbox piling up with recommendations, and my friends telling me that I should archive their friends' fics despite them being totally horrendous, I almost gave up. But, then I got a brilliant idea. Why not have the authors of the site choose which fics deserve to be on the site? There were a few holes in this idea, which I worked out pretty quickly. The bad point of this idea was this - What happens if the other authors don't like this fic as well? That's where the voting system came in. Out of the 20-something authors that visited the forums and were respected authors in my eyes, I devised a stable system on which fics get to be hosted. First, only the authors could recommend a fic for being hosted on the site. Then, three other authors would have to 'second' that fic to get it on the site, then I would have to approve it. The result? The most wonderfully devised plan in history! ^.^ It helped me out a LOT, plus, they brought other fics into the light that I never even read before; even though I've read a LOT. So, overall the decision is the other authors of this site, but the 'final' stamp of approval comes from me. So, if your thinking about sending in a recommendation to myself or other authors of this site they you better be ready for a flame because we'll have none of it :P

This whole section here is just mind boggling BULLSHIT...

So only your close network of buddies are good?

What happened to the "Best of the Best?" Site goal/dedication?

A total stranger couldn't possibly write the most terrific fic ever created... ever?

NOPE! ONLY MY BUDS AND MY PANEL OF BIASED JUDGES are the best, so there NYAH!!!!!!! Oh and don't forget this is the "MOST WONDERFULLY DEVISED PLAN IN HISTORY!" (Her words)

What a crock of shit....


And of course the WONDERFUL... "WHAT THE FUCK?" AWARD goes to:

There are SOME things I will not allow on this site. First, poorly written fics. The term 'over my dead body' comes into the picture on this one. And it means just that - Over my dead body. Second, totally hetero fics. Not gonna happen. No way, no how. Third, no PWPs on here. Sorry to the majority of you but if the story has no plot and only total smut in it, then I won't read it. I love smut, believe me, I do, but if it doesn't have a plot or a REASON for being written then it's like a bad porno movie to me (and to many others). Fourth, 'Furry' Fics. There might be SOME that are acceptable but a fic that centers around Duo turning into a Cat and having waaaay too much fluff won't make it on here. however, if the story is good and the fic has a certain uniqueness to it, I will archive it. That's it. Pretty much everything else is acceptable besides those things (with a few minor exceptions). Sorry if this disappoints a lot of people, but to me, if you want 'the best of the best' you have to make some cuts. Also, I do NOT do recommendations on this site. I will not recommend a certain fic for you to read offsite. If the story is what I consider 'great', It will hopefully be archived on this site. If not, then it's off the site. Simple as that ^.^

So the Best of the Best, can only possibly ever fit into your nicely defined perimeters.


And all this I found on ONE PAGE... I need not look any further, the stupidity and arrogance is so thick I need HIP WADERS, a diving mask and a snorkel!

I never even heard of this Chick until she put my friends into a snit recently, did she just crawl out of the depths of the fandom recently?

Or have I just been lucky enough never to have had to read this bullshit previously?

And All I can do is laugh my ass off at her, you don't win friends this way honey, you gain enemies, and then of course people like *ME* who don't really consider it in terms of "enemies" I just laugh at you for being so supremely stupid and I hope and pray you never breed.

Hugs to "You know who you are ladies", ignore the troglodyte!


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