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Aaron I am kicking your ASS BOY!

Not only does he leave the job 2 hours early on his frist day (yesterday), he doesn't show up today, and doesn't BOTHER to call in until 10:30 to let them know he's changed his mind.

My Dad was Really fricking annoyed.

This was a KICK ASS JOB YOU THREW AWAY! I do not know what you are thinking Aaron but you are thinking out of your ASS!

Full Time, Casual Office environment (REALLY CASUAL, My dad wears "FUCK YOU!" Shirts!!!), customer service, 8 bucks an hour to start, FULL MED/DENTAL/VISION benefits, 401K, the most laid back boss on the planet (my DAD), cool co-workers, Vacation 2 weeks paid first year, 2 weeks second, 3 weeks after five, no fear of bankruptcy, advancement ops...

YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the problem? You had to actually WORK? And I swear how can you tell after only 6 bloody hours on the job to leave anyway... You didn't do anything yesterday but watch people work, I know I used to train you new hires!!! oh wait, you live with Mom and Dad and don't have to worry about a job really.


I'm kicking your butt so damn hard next time I see you!!!!

Anyone else in Visalia need a kick ass Job? There’s one available now (2 actually).


I'd so take this job if I could in a fucking heartbeat, hell I did this job for three years way back when I first moved to California. 1993-96... but then my dad wasn't the boss we did the same job, then I moved.

I'd not have left this job had Craig moved me to LA. I'd still be there!


The job is so fucking simple! For such GOOD MONEY AND BENEFITS!!!!

Alex? Crystal? Mindy? Megan? Gabby? Ashlie? ANYONE?

Lemme know, I'll give you the number to call my Dad!
Global Motor Sports Inc, Custom Chrome, Inc./Motor Cycle Stuff/Chrome Specialties (It's a MASSIVE conglomerate) the worlds largest aftermarket Harley-Davidson Parts Distributor/Manufacturer. Visalia Warehouse Hub.

HELL anyone looking to relocate to Californina? GOOD JOBS HERE! Saishi? Jami? ANyone? Bueller?

(My new job? Wouldn't be so bad I actually know a lot more about how insurance works than I thought I did, I guess being so sick for so many years I've learned how to navigate HMO's and all the applicable laws, I'm practically SLEEPING in this classroom Training environment and acing the tests. HOWEVER.... they are seriously managed and mirco managed within an inch of your life. the morale there is HORRIFIC, it's an extremely high stress environment people wise and insanely negative. We'll see... right now, I'm acing shit... but we'll see OUT of the classroom when I get there in 3 weeks if I want to commit murder on stupid mean nasty people.)

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