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I just traded in my unused LJ invite codes, and got a coupon large enough to get me 6 months of extra user pics....



Oh man, and I'm so addicted to playing on Gaia... I got another commission tonight for Christmas, and then I got another commission from someone at my new job to draw her sister "anime Style" ... so I'm going to be sooo busy this week, they BOTH have to be done before Christmas


Not to mention I have ANTOHER KILLER COLD.... And going to work with feeling this icky just SUCKS. But I so cannot miss *ANY* time for at LEAST 90 days.

That would be such a horrible impression. SO unless I'm in the flipping HOSPITAL, I'm dragging my sorry ass to work.

Oh man, and I could so kill my little anime buddy Aaron. My Dad just gave him a KILLER JOB, (It would have been mine, had there not been a rule about family members in the SAME department...) and today was his first day.. FIRST DAY, and he went home 2 hours early "Sick".

Dude, my Dad is NOT happy about that. It really sets you off on a bad foot and makes a BAD IMPRESSION when you do that.

Man kids, you gotta stick it out when you're new on a job. Seriously.

I mean I know he's only 23 and this is like his second real job, but STILL, common sense dictates you go in horking LUNGS if you have to!

I guess work ethics are changing (and not for the better.)

Oh and back to Gaia-ness and I'm so having fun being Elihu's Pimp Daddy -- I think I need to save up to buy one of those Pimp Hats! (Hope you liked the Coat! Merry Christmas!)

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