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And first day of work -- what's to say? First days are always mind numbing B-O-R-I-N-G... *snooooooooooooze

Huge fucking Binder of Rules/Regs/Medical Codes/Glossaries/stupid CSR videos, etc...

They've MASS hired (There's 30 newbies ><__>< all of us from Kelly, Open Enrollment January heavy volume is coming after all, they'll keep like 5 people come March...

I can already pick out the 5 they'll keep.... those of us like myself ready to fall asleep today because we have experience out the ying yang in CS, but when you have to train a group so big, you have to go so FUCKING *SLOW*, because there's always some idiot, you know the one that will have a hissy fit from stress because they are grossly under-qualified, and dense as a brick and who won't make the first WEEK, but has to ask every question 5 or 6 times anyway and slow everyone else down to groan inducing, bang your head against the wall fits.

I mean this person had to have BUSINESS CASUAL ATTIRE explained from everything to appropriate SOCKS and Underwear on UP.. for 30 minutes.

Yeah, that stupid idiot, we've all worked with him/her.


So I've not done any ACTUAL work yet, so I'll save my New Job description until I get on the phones and start actually TALKING to people and solving problems.

ONE PLUS... No claims.

It's all Medical CSR Benefits/Change service provider/enrollment/etc...

denied claims/denied benefits go to a different department!


SO not quite as HIGH STRESS, still a lot of stuff I need to brush up on, I haven't worked in the medical field since before I was really sick in 1999, and codes change all the time.

The attire is UBER casual, Jeans t-shirts, etc.... We're just a Cigna Insurance Healthcare call center, not a hospital. The Only days we have "Business Casual and/or Professional Dress" rules in place are given to us ahead of time and only when the Cigna Big Wigs come calling from Connecticut.

COOL! I like that a lot.

The Vibe from the workers though, is scary. There is Micromanagement from HELL going on, every thing from how often you take a piss is recorded and logged, and the turn around there is *STAGGERING* they mass lay-off/mass-hire without warning, and it is high stress from all the EYES on you every second you're there, and the amount of stuff you *HAVE* to know.

So I think unless I really like it (And I won't be able to tell until another 3 weeks when I'm *ON* the phones LIVE) so unless I like it a lot, at the end of the Kelly Assignment I'll bugger off for another job.

Unless the of course offer a lot more money for perm hire, then I'll take it for the benefits.

But I can get Benefits through Kelly too, so YEAH I'm gonna get insurance again soon!

Either way, it's still PENDING, my opinion on my new Gig.

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