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Okay I was up until 9 a.m. this morning, I could not sleep at all. (I was up a good 26 hours)

I finally crashed and burned at 9.... And I've been asleep *ALL* day

now I have a headache from hell, and both my parents have been diagnosed with Bronchitis... *EEP*

I hope the signs of the cold I have are JUST A COLD, otherwise I'm up shit creek.

I have not checked my e-mail, or lists, or anything in a day or two..... I've become such a huge recluse.

Ah well, It's "ME TIME"

I tired, and I'm emotionally worn *OUT*

I apologize to everyone right now if you have sent me mail I've not responded to.... I'll get to it when I can.

And Gotta go renew Kaiser's Dog License tomorrow, and pay more since I refuse to lop off my dog's balls.

Sorry, I don't let him out to wander, I am responsible enough to control the pet population WITHOUT resorting to the lazy method and cutting off his doggy jewels.

Sorry, he was born with them, and unless he gets prostrate problems that require them to be removed, Kaiser is KEEPING his cajones!

I need to renew LJ, and am broke, figures.

I'm always broke, that's nothing new.

Is it 2004 yet? The Past 3 years have REALLY, REALLY sucked donkey balls.

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