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Writer's Cramp.... Writing Addresses on Envelopes

WOW! I have a lot of friends! O_O *feels loved*

However... I should have counted all my addresses before Printing Cards.

I'm 4 homemade Cards short.


So I'm afraid 4 of you will be getting store bought cards because I'm an idiot and didn't plan ahead like a baka, I went "Surely 50 is enough..."


I'm such a Moron.

But at least I got all the envelopes addressed, now to sign cards, print some return address labels, because again I'm not writing it 54 times in a row, then find a sponge so I don't have to lick all these.

Unless you all really want my spit. :P

Pointless post this, just felt bad I was 4 cards short.

And didn't realize it, naturally, until I went to grab another Envelope to address, and there were none left in the Box.


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