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Stupid People

AM I a snob, for loathing back-handed reviews like this?

NAME = Pimpman the Fantastic
EMAIL = editedout@peoplepc.com
REVIEW-FOR-SALLY_STRIKES_BACK = I never liked Duo or Wufei so this story made me laugh. Only
thing is Duo should have fell and landed on a knife

I really don't want hate messages sent to me and you using my farces to fuel your hate over IMAGINARY CHARACTERS
that just irks me.

A Thanks for the read would have been more than sufficient, I don't need to know me making Duo fall down in mud would make you wish I'd had a knife buried in there.


People have issues, I swear.. we will not get into the recent reviews of art. Brings the Homophobes out of the woodwork boy howdy!

I really wish I'd STOP getting so much negative mail.

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