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Still no joy at Deviant Art

The help desk has ignored my plea for an explanation....

I cannot post in the help FORUM, because DUH you won't let me log in

I wish I knew the boob on my ISP that got himself banned so I can go pummel him with a lead pipe.

I can't comment on friends art, nothing.

Bee can you ask the help forum again for me, maybe get a time frame on how long they usually take to respond to a message?

I don't need it solved right away, but knowing they're at least AWARE of the problem would be nice.


and if they tell you again I need to go to another computer... ask them what sort of rich planet they live on where they can afford more than one.

And even if I was at work, I have NEVER used my work computer for personal business. I get paid to WORK not surf the net.

(That applied to when I was working, and since I'm unemployed the point is moot anyway.)

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