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a Day in the Life of D....

What a day...

Went and applied three places....

Came back to a "present" from "my" cat. (my Orange tabby Stray that lives on my patio. I feed her and made her a nice warm bed out of Christmas (White with red snowflakes) fleece throw and a Christmas bread basket I bought at target.)

"Her majesty" graced me with a dead lizard, I'm so loved. ><__>< ew.

She was just making all sorts of noise by my office window until I came outside... where she "led" me to it.... refused to let me stay where I was... made me go in and get my shoes on so I could follow her... then she lead me to my "gift" behind the bush just off the sidewalk leading up to my front door...

So after Hime made sure I acknowledged her "gift" I threw that charming thing away.

Went back out and I am no longer Blonde. I went back to my natural color, it's a very dark brown with a hint of auburn red (He threw a dash of that in so it wouldn't look 'muddy' seeing as my hair was very WHITE BLONDE and it sucked up the color.)

Got my hair cut, and with my glasses on I look like a Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley love child. LOL

Currently I am reading a nice fluffy Christmas fic, eating a baguette and some clam chowder and drinking tea.

Chatting with loved ones, life is pretty damn decent at the moment.

Could be better, but could be a LOT worse.

I am thankful, very much so.

Love everyone...



Oh and apparently this is my "Sign":

Sun: Virgo
Moon: Scorpio
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Aquarius
Jupiter: Scorpio
Saturn: Gemini
Uranus: Libra
Neptune: Sagittarius
Pluto: Virgo
Ascendant: Aries

I've no BLOODY clue what *ANY* of that is supposed to represent/mean or ANYTHING. But someone went through a lot of trouble to "assign" these things to me, thought I should post them.

I've never had my tarot read, I barely remember I'm a VIRGO... let alone what these personality traits are supposed to mean and how they are effected by my OTHER influence signs.

It's like Lucky Charms to me! BLUE MOONS, GREEN CLOVERS, PURPLE STARS, RED PLANETS are they marshmallow? Can I eat them?


and one more EDIT

The Companion
The Faithful Companion - You are the epitome of
loyalty. You're a guardian, a comforter, and a
source of strength to your friend.You can't
help but feel like you are taken for granted
sometimes. Take heart! You are more important
to your friend than you may know!

What Type of Storybook Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Very true.

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