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7 hour Emotional Extremes

Had a wonderful evening last night.... mega uber wonderful.

This morning, I'm sad and there's nothing I can do about it.

I have to be at Kelly Services to take the damned skills test (AGAIN, this will be the third time I bury their god damned needle! Yes I have all the fucking skills you need or could want give me a JOB!!!)

Then going to 2 more places I found in the paper.

SO I can't be here when all I want to do is comfort those I love and be their shoulder.

I really need to find one of those shoulders, I could use one myself at the moment. (Yes I know I have them, just I don't like to burden friends with my baggage. Thanks in advance for the offers I won't take you up on. Love you guys.)

The highs and lows are starting to make me ill from stress.

There's fuck all I can do about it too.


Off I go, wish me luck.

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