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3x4 and Siris/Remus

Whoa some nice stuff for sale here kiddies: CLICKY

I cannot believe she has POOH FARM's "Happiness and Goal" for sale.

I would rather sever my LEG than part with ANY of my Pooh Farm Doujinshi.

But then I am a hopeless fangirl of Flamingo Nobeko... the woman draws soooooo well.

Her hands! UNNNN her nice hands!....


and Happiness and Goal is one of her best 3x4 books IMO

and I am sooo sick, my ribs feel like a death cage match is taking place in my lungs from coughing.

I can't lay down, my back is one massive spasm of knots.... even my fucking TOES ache from this cold.

It's NASTY! Someone please...KILL ME!

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