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Well, what to say.

ADDENDUM: If this confuses you, it does not concern you. There is no comment feature for a REASON. Please stop e-mailing me about the following statement for clarification. This is a generic statment only not open to discussion or clarification. All involved persons know without further clarification. Those not involved it's really none of your concern. I will not say negitive things and name names in the process. This is negitive, thus all parties involved will remain anonymous!

Apparently I'm not allowed to speak my mind for fear of, God forbid, giving a bad reputation vicariously to someone else.

Even when things can't possibly coincide, I have to stifle myself 100% "just in case".

Fuck that.

Those who this applies to, KNOW what this statement means.

Those of you wondering, just ignore this, it does not and will not concern you.

But I am tired, I'm sick, I'm cranky, I'm EXHAUSTED.

and I am simply infuriated that something I began because I CARED has turned into the shackle from hell.

I will NOT stop being me, not even if that had been my CAREER and I was getting PAID for it.

Reputation obviously does not mean much to me, it never has.

Proven integrity, honesty means something.

I so quit.

No more, Done, Finito. I do not need stress and blatant innuendo, and the I can't feel good because "what ifs" that never happened may have happened and.. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

I can't stand melodrama and the forever living in fear of "What ifs"

IF I worry you all to the point of Ulcers I don't need the little fear dances, and the not to subtle messages skirting the problem.

ME, I scare you, I rock your little boat.

Fine, I'll give you calm waters....


I resign.

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