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3x4 PROOF from Bandai!

Well sorta in my happy little fantasy world.

Went to Target in town (Just opened the New "Greatland" WOW is it *BIG*)

And they have those cute little "SD" Super Deformed Gundam kits for $5 ($4.99 plus tax) (They call it the "Super Defender Collection" Riiiight we've been calling "SD"'s super deformed for years, and for obvious "smooshy cute" reasons)

and in the "Operation Meteor set 2" package (There's three little 5 piece sets you can buy for the GW series of Mecha)

Set 2 contains:

HeavyArms, Sandrock and 3 Maguanacs: Rashid Custom, Abdul Custom, and Auda custom!

Can't even let the little Gundams go on a date without chaperones eh? Afraid they might make more little gundams?

Operation Meteor set 1 Was Wing and Tallgeese, OZ Aries, Wing in bird mode, and a Leo
Operation Meteor set 3 was fodder for 2x5x2 fans: DeathScythe, Nataku (Shenlong version), 2 more leos and a Space Taurus Mobile Doll

I just think the total ABSENSE of anything remotely OZ in the Trowa x Quatre set #2 pack speaks volumes.

"What fight the enemies today? NO!!!!!!!!! we must go on a picnic and BUCK LIKE FUNNIES!"

Happy Fangirl Squee!

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