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D's First Y-Con Report

This is only Wednesday to Friday Night....

I have a lot to report.... *Faints*

Okay, round ONE!

Yaoi-Con Report 2003 (Run now)

Okay, we’ll take this moment by shocking moment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Maureen, Bast, and Jeff arrive at my house and we chat for a bit before going out to Office Depot near my house to pick up an adding machine for the booth.

What does D do right off the bat? Lock her keys in her RUNNING car.


Thankfully the store is only about 5 miles from my house and my purse is with me and not in the car, so while Maureen and Bast are shopping, I call my Mom to bring the spare key and Jeff and I hang out smoking until she gets there.

We come back home and destroy the kitchen, we laid out as many of the doujinshi for the store as we could and began pricing, it was 2 a.m. before we all fell over dead and went to bed. We did a good thousand books or so. THANK GOD WE DID! (You’ll see why I say this in Friday’s report)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I get up first and shower and make sure all extra bits and bobs like my toothbrush and stuff I couldn’t pack previously were packed, woke up the others.

Mom got up and made us Orange cinnamon rolls for brekkers. (YAY MOM!)

We are actually making pretty decent time in the morning, and we got all the insane amounts of merchandise and luggage loaded and strapped to the rental SUV. Tie it all down so it doesn’t blow off or anything (Like truckers want to see my fat mama panties stuck to their windshield? NOT!) and we’re off. We stop at the cigarette store in town for Mojo and Jeff (I got him hooked on my Mocha Chocolate smokes) and then we go BACK to Office depot for little bits we forgot the night before, we try a Bank for Bast to exchange some Canadian Money, and I live in bum fuck Egypt, so no joy for Bast sadly and we hit the road.

Again we make good time, and I am soooooo GLAD I live here and have driven this route before, because the YahooMap! Instructions were totally fucked UP!

We are jamming to Monty Python, Ren and Stimpy and Queen tunes, I am a dork. And I inflicted my bad taste on everyone! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! When I see the exit I always take going to San Francisco about to blow by and it’s NOT on the map. “TURN HERE!!!!”

So we made it, and headed over Pacheco Pass. I tell the others the ghost stories about Pacheco Pass and strangely enough, even in all that mountain rural area, my cell rings. It’s Herophelia, and Oppie is like “I’m HERE! I’m At the Airport!”

We’re a good 2-3 Hours away from her at this point. We tell her to park it and wait for a while.


The conversations we had will NOT be repeated here because saying they were raunchy and vulgar would be an understatement. Although I do remember saying “Bouncing Bovines” at one point and Maureen made up the boy band to go with that name… but yeah… Too fucked up to repeat with any accuracy.

Once we hit Santa Clara Maureen asks me to call the broker to check and see if the rest of the store stock arrived at the airport from Japan, it had, but then the BROKER starts talking about “Did you clear it in customs?” Um... call me stupid but I thought that was the BROKERS JOB. So I pass the phone to Maureen to rant, and come to find out Mojo will have to go to customs herself to clear it on Friday Morning.


But they did arrive on time.

We hit Frisco and the 101 in the city is a BASTARD to follow and the directions again from YahooMaps! SUCK ASS. We stop, the guy in the gas station when I asked were the street was just smiled at me, he spoke only Spanish.


I go outside and call the hotel and say “HELP ME I’m LOST!” And the lady laughs asks the cross streets and guides us in.

We get there and sure enough the first person I see is the first person I have seen three years running.

Gotta Love the smokers like myself who spend a goodly portion of conventions standing outside the lobby doors (You cannot smoke inside in California) So I glomp Jana while the bags are being unhitched from the car and loaded onto the Bell cart.

We get up to the room, unpack, get boxes semi sorted and whatnot, and go get food.

We see Ponderosa and J with a mass throng surrounding them and Pond’s pretty pictures.

I hug and drool, then GLOAT when Pond hands me some originals of my favorite pics she’s done. *Cue Massive Fangirl Squealing*

Next, as we head out to eat, we realize for such a swanky hotel, it’s situated right in the middle of the fucking ghetto.


Walking anywhere outside the hotel is BAD NEWS. And this is coming from a girl who went to college one block away from Capriny Green in Downtown Chicago. I know how to walk in these sorts of bad neighborhoods, but I have friends who don’t. (And I’ll prove this theory on Saturday Night when I elaborate about a friend being a MORON. I love her dearly; I wanted to smack her… hard. For inviting trouble onto her person.)

But back to Thursday… We eat, we go back to the room and we’re up very late finishing pricing and sorting the books Maureen brought with her. We die and go to bed sometime around 2 or 3 a.m. I think.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Ro and Lorena arrive early, dump bags, get groped and they leave to go eat... Bast and I relax a bit, go grab a muffin, meet Oppie and Stormy in the Lobby, they leave to go eat, and Bast and I head up to wait for Mo and Jeff to get back.

Okay, now Mojo and Jeff had left off early to go get the stuff… and what a nightmare they had. They kept being sent back and forth from Brokers office to customs at the airport (30 minutes drive apart mind you) no less than FOUR TIMES!!!

“Oh you need this form”

Get Form

“Oh sorry, now you need these 2 forms”

Get Forms, watch lady try to walk a turtle… I’ll let Mojo tell that story, I wasn’t there for it.

And so forth and so on…. They finally get back and we realize it wasn’t 120 pounds of books to pick up -- it was 120 KILOS!


We had doujinshi falling out all over everywhere -- we had enough stock to choke a Rhinoceros!

Mojo, Jeff, Lorena, and Ro then leave to go buy clear comic bags, because we ran out, and the people at the comic store were very rude I guess and began talking in (And I am spelling this wrong I know it) Tagalog. Well Lorena is from the Philippines and speaks fluently; I wish again I’d been there to see little Lorena walk up and speak to them in their language.

“Well can you tell us where we can buy some then?”

OHHH BURN! I miss all the really good snarky shit!


We call the Bell Desk for a cart so we can carry the stuff down to the dealers room on the fourth floor.

They arrive; they won’t give us the cart. We’re like

“We are Dealers for the convention, we will only need your cart 20 minutes to a half hour, we will bring it right back.”

“NO, you can’t have it, you need our assistance.”

“NO, we don’t need you to schlep, we just need the cart. We don’t need the bell hop too.”

The guy was pushing 60 here, Okay…. And really the main reason is I am not tipping you $20 to just stand next to a cart.

We go back and forth a couple of minutes before I just get tired of repeating myself and send him away.

He leaves very rudely with “I’ll just TELL THEM at the front desk you didn’t NEED my assistance.”

WELL DUH MORON! I only wanted your cart! I’m not into tipping people for just standing around looking smart in a uniform, not to mention the bellhops were already tipped – twice -- quite nicely for just pushing the boxes from the car to room. JEFF did all the unloading onto and off the cart.


So new game plan… I go down to the Dealers room (because I cannot lift heavy items with my back, so gimpy here has to baby-sit and feel guilty about not being able to help tote shit), while Jeff, Oppie, Maureen, Ro, Stormy, Lorena and Bast all start carrying boxes manually downstairs. About 800 pounds or more in merchandise total… Yeah, doing that by hand sucks rocks.

Then we begin getting frenzied, and semi-organized and I was trying my best to price these books reasonably and accurately, but it’s very hard when you’re unfamiliar with a series.

Like Slam Dunk and King of Fighters and any of the game based Doujinshi, I had to judge on “Ooooh, this is PRETTY”.

Meanwhile Stormy and Oppie and everyone else sorts, and bags, and tags and goes basically bonkers with stress.

I think I did okay, I did make some mistakes where I either priced too high or too low, but on average I think I did okay.

I was beginning to feel a little like “the amazing Creskin”, placing djs on my forehead to figure out how much they were worth by osmosis! But as I said, I think I did fairly okay.

Maureen didn’t stab me in the eye with the sharpie pen at any rate.

Then to my horror… The guy I met from USAnime.net (Bryan) at Anime Expo… The guy I gave tonsil hockey lessons too FOR KELLY for a free Heero x Relena DJ I’d never seen before ever by Bambi Takata. I found it, in the undersized novels, but it was a full comic and rare and I knew Kelly or someone she knew on her livejournal friends list would really WANT IT!

But Kelly was broke, he said he’d give it to her for a kiss, I obliged, and my bud got a free book right? All Kosher, I give a shit it got her the free book!

Well he comes over and starts chatting me up. (Shit shit shit shit shit). No way, that was a one-time deal dude!

(And yes this is the same guy who acts like a carnival barker shouting “Get your red hot YAOI!!!!! HOT MAN COCK! BOYS FUCKING BOYS! At the top of his lungs all weekend. It was great at AX when the room is roughly the size of a football field and there are 10,000 people, it made finding his booth easy. In a small dealers room, you can walk end to end in 20 seconds, and it’s at YAOI CON where EVERYTHING BEING SOLD is “red hot yaoi” he made himself look like a supreme IDIOT all fucking weekend long! And that’s not just my opinion -- talking to other people at our booth they were making fun of him all weekend long.)

But I digress, back to where he’s trying to seduce me. HA!

“So, what room you in?” wink, wink, nudge nudge, and the like.

Dude I may be the most unattractive, butt ugly, fat, Valkyrie/Amazon looking woman on the planet, but I am NOT desperate. Bugger off!

And STOP PAWING THROUGH OUR BOOKS You SLIMEY MAN We’re your competition and I am not going through YOUR STOCK! Piss off!

I thought Mojo was gonna have a conniption. Especially when he asked for Gravi Remixes

(Which she had but was so not going to sell to him for our price, only to have him so sell it at his booth marked up. It wasn’t going to happen. Not to mention I knew at least 2 people personally who were going to be looking for remixes on Saturday. No way dude, our remixes go to the fans at our good price, not your jacked up one!)

I hate smarmy people with shady business practices and I don’t care if you have a Ph.D. or not, you creep me out.

(I never once visited his booth all weekend, for obvious reasons, and I am for once glad my name is spelled DANA and pronounced DONNA, because as he screamed for DANA whenever I walked passed, I was blissfully able to ignore him. My name is not Dana after all. Oh god I’m such and evil bitch hag, but it was creepy man! Standing next to him his head barely came up to my boobs! Maybe that’s what he liked I dunno. And he had no idea I go by “D” at all or Fablespinner for that matter, so thankfully I got to skirt around him while I went out and spent my money on everything GetBackers I could find, *except the Akabane Scalpel letter opener and Ban’s glasses, they were just way too expensive at $60 bucks EACH!* without shopping at his booth.)

Again I digress, so we wait until he leaves the dealer room set-up night first, cover our stock and head up to bed for the night.

More later, I'm still recovering. I'll take the film I took this afternoon to get developed, so hopefully I'll have photos available fairly soon.


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