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Virus Warning on WinMX

One of my friends just sent me this e-mail so those of you trying to get missed episodes off WinMX or KaZaA... someone out there who has these files and is sharing freely, also has a virus on their computer and it's attaching itself to the SAIKOU versions of GB (It's not direct from Saikou, it's a person sharing on WinMX)

From following your LJ I'm assuming you have all the eps of GetBackers? But would you please pass this on to others you know in that fandom? I use WinMX to download and my anti-virus software just went bonkers over several GB .avi files [Saikou (sp?) Fansubs] I had only partially downloaded. It claims they are actually a worm. I just completely deleted them from my drive and am currently running a thorough scan to make sure all has been removed, but I thought others might like to know. Especially if they had been downloading from me.

Thanks! And take care!

So there you go folks. Just be wary and run your virus checkers if you're still trying to download from WinMX or KaZaA it seems some bugger out there is spreading infected files.

Guh... public service announcement over.


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