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The detail whore in me is singing.....

Because I am inherently LAZY but I love putting detail into my art and HATE drawing it every time I draw.

What do I do about it? I create Photoshop custom brushes for that detail so I can add it with one "click"

I've just created 46 custom brushes using scans of tatami and transom Japanese Architectual drawings.

What are those? You know those pretty rice paper doors and the wood trim on fences? Those kind of designs. GREAT FOR INSTANT BACKGROUNDS! or clothing patterns, borders, etc...

Here's a small sample of the brush designs I made

And because I LOATHE when people make these and demand you put their name on the picture you create if you use "THEIR BRUSHES" (Trust me these are EASY to make) I'm offering these to anyone who wants them and you do not have to credit me for making the brushes if you use them. Just if someone asks you where you got them send them my e-mail and they can have them too.

Right Click here "save target as" to your adobe photoshop brushes folder to download brushes in a zipped format. Just upzip the file then you can load the brushes while you're in photoshop. Very easy.

Now I created these in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 I don't know if they are compatible with earlier versions of the program. Please if you use them, let me know if they work in an earlier version of the program.

Now I'm off to Borders to see what sort of artbooks I can buy to make more brushes. Also slated are my stacks of deleter screentone sheets.

I figured this would be much cheaper in the long run to just make brushes of those sheets. As I make these, yes I promise to share.

D (Adobe dork)

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