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Old Photos

Mom stumbled across an old box...

I'm sharing
Here's the OLD wedding picture of my grandparents from 1942

I look so much like my Grandma! I'm just much, much taller. But compare this picture and the next one of me in 1988... you can see the resemblance!

Remember my Fic "The Sun Never Sets" all the names/people in that were based on these two men and their father (Dimitri) and Brother (Anastas). Handsome Slavic men, with hair to DIE FOR! Van's hair turned pure white when he got older, and Grandpa's Silver, but they never lost those thick, thick gorgeous manes of hair! BASTARDS! And look at those SUITS!!! Unnnnnnnnn. I love a nice men's suit. My Grandfather was a Men's tailor professionally, he handmade those suits. So I think I come by that love affair of good grooming in my D.N.A./gene's. My Grandmother was a professional seamstress, they ran a tailoring business together for YEARS and YEARS. It's how they met, Grandma went to work for Grandpa in his shop in 1941.


Dana Bistrow = Tallest Senior Girl in School, Hell tallest girl PERIOD in the entire school!
Lee Couch = "Shortshit" good Buddy (Sophomore)

Both of us in the same Choir Class, both of us said "Fuck it!" And went together and had fun being idiots.


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