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The Average "Fanboy"

And I'm stating the AVERAGE FANBOY I come in contact with...

Are snively, whiney, insecure in their manhood, MORONS who need to get out of mama's basement and get a life.

Some fanboy comments I've received for my GetBackers Fanart:

For my Teshimine Pic:

EvoSpace: Can you please draw one of Hevn? same position, same angle... for the fanboys. XD
fablespinner: Sorry... Not the same Angle... But I AM working on a Halloween Pic of Hevn I'm sure won't disappoint Fanboys.
It's still in the planning sketchy concept stages though... you gotta wait for that I'm afraid.
Hojo: yeah I don't really want to see the guys like that.
sonic i dont believe in halloweener ._. must be an american "thing"... same with thanks giving... to me... thats just stupid~

Was the slamming comment about American Holidays really necessary?

The world does not revolve around you fanboy! (All his comments are snarky like this, he needs to get laid. Unlikely with that attitude however.

But wait there's more....

For my Juubei and Kazuki Pic:

alboainain: Juubei looks GREAT!! Maybe because he doesn't has long hair like Kazuki? :p
Yeah, work harder on the long hair part ;)

fablespinner: Okay, I'm never adverse to crit when it MAKES SENSE...
Work harder on the long hair part?

As in?

Got a specific beef with it?

Last I looked Kazuki is supposed to have hair like this.

Disarm10: so yaoi-ish >_< but artistically very good. whee

Okay dudes, tell me after watching episodes 25-30 that Juubei and Kazu are NOT an item.

Juubei: "I was born to protect you."
Kazu: Smiles with warmth, cocks his head and attends to Juubei's bandage around his wounded eyes.

Mind you both men are stark NAKED in a hot Spring during this exchange and Ginji comments to Ban "They're like a married couple aren't they?"

Ban nods agreement.

Can you get anymore blatant than that?

Never mind episode 48, just pretend that one didn't happen at all delusional fanboys. (I won't spoil the ep with details here.)

Last one "CHASING GINJI pic:

Disarm10: I actually shuddered when I saw this, but again, artistically very nice. Just...

::shudders alot::

Okay I am sooo gonna post every single Yaoi pic I do from here on out, and ONLY my Yaoiful ones just to squick this guy, because I am evil, and boys like this BUG ME! And I like to push boys buttons when they annoy me, I am woman, I am old fat, pissed off liberal woman... HEAR ME ROAR!

On un-related fangirlisms and squeeing... I GOT MY GINJI COSPLAY COSTUME TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love Army Surplus stores, I got everything there!


Anyone cosplaying Ban (that I will grope) at y-con?

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