D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

BT News


Lots of series I follow ending! NO! WAIIIIIL!

GetBackers Ended at 49

D.N.Angel 26 was Last episode

Gundam Seed 50 Final Episode

E's Otherwise is over too in Japan (Ended at 25) but the fansubbers are only up to 20

Dear Boys again ends at 26, but the subbers are Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Behind on this one. *cries*

If you need these BT's from the past couple of days because I was being LAZY and not posting GO HERE they're all there somewhere in that long list.

I'm pissed about Saint Beast (Get blatant Shounen Ai and Male fansubber drop it like the plague! BITE ME AJ! They only subbed 3 eps before they let it die! Bastards!)

Anyone Heard who's going to do Saiyuki Reload?

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