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Surfing Japanese Oekaki Boards you Find some GREAT STUFF!!!!

WAIII! Just too CUTE!
Just scroll down to post #27480 *SQUISH*
#27452 Kazuki (Page 2)
#27444 Ginji from the Hospital Episode eating his Squished melon! (Page 2)
#27438 is Hysterical and Scary! Chibi Ban Snake and Tare Ginji (Page 2)
#27387 Very Unique Kazuki (Or they spelled is Kaduki) (Page 4)

Non GetBackers-Art But worth a mention

(Just for Lorena Kaze to Ki no Uta is Post #27473 a Gilbert Oekaki, so he's still loved back home in his native land even though he's a Old School Yaoi! There's actually quite a lot of Old school stuff on the board like Captain HARLOCK! Weeeeee. My first love affair in 1978! ><__><)

#27408 a cute Duo
#27310 Chibi Heero and Duo
#27301 and ADORABLE Toboe!!!
#27278 a REALLY NICE Inu Yasha/Kagome

and just a shitload of very nice Gundam SEED stuff. And I only surfed the current 10 pages.


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