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Bad... Bad... BAD mood....

I refuse to rant...

1.) I have to work Saturday

2.) I had to give the ex my Social Security Number for his tax return
(He had the GALL to call me and whine about being out of work and him NEEDING the return NOW. And when *I* bring up the 4 grand he owes me... "I'm out of work" But you were not out of work when you were skipping payments. He hung up on me. Prick)

3.) I had an angry Father of a 12 year old boy write me about my website and his son viewing it.
(Note: boy wrote me, I wrote back all normal rated "G" conversation, He complimented fics, I said Thank you. I had No clue this kid was 12.)

  • I've registered with Cyber Nanny shit

  • I've stuck up a gazillion warnings

It's not my fault he's letting a 12 year old surf without supervision and without parental blockers. I'd be more worried of chat room pedophiles and porn sites at secret dial up $9.95 a minute "free" access than my fanfiction.


So it's been one pissy-ass thing happening after another today, and if I drank I'd be drinking myself numb from the bad day.

Must settle with my generic diet soda and Iced tea and mocha, double shot espresso.

Tomorrow is another day, let's hope it's better. I'd say TGIF, but I have overtime Saturday to deal with.

I'm still reeling from bad vibes after hearing that SOB's voice. If I EVER hear it again it will be too soon.

Sexy, British Baritone/Bass voices have been RUINED for me for life.

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