D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama


I found this Dude by accident....

I can distinctly say, without a doubt...
I want to TORCH every art project I've ever done in my whole entire life

and the knife in the back, the absolute and utter corker to all this obscene amounts of talent...

the Dude is only 15 FUCKING YEARS OLD!

He's a FLIPPING KID!!!!! I'm old enough to be his MOTHER!!!

I hate him, oh yes, I hate him muchly... but I had to share my find, it's too fucking beautiful NOT to pass on:

His Website:
(Yes, it's in Russian, That's the Babelfish Translated)

Without Babel fish

and his DeviantArt account (where I found him in the first place, there's more art on his website.)

Go... go, and be jealous and send him lots of nice little praises.

*Jealousy knows no bounds!

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