D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
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E's Otherwise 20 (A-Cookies)

Gundam Seed 48 (Mendels-Hope)

D.N.Angel 21-24 you HAVE to get through IRC because the subber had a problem with BT
But it was EASY to get it from their IRC channel VERY friendly.

Go to their Website
or go straight to IRC

Channel: #aa-fansubs @ aniverse

BOT Pack List

Pack list for D.N.Angel 24 @ #AA-Fansubs
/msg DH|Chise xdcc send #25
/msg DH|Hiro xdcc send #8
/msg DH|Jing xdcc send #6
/msg DH|Loki xdcc send #5
/msg DH|Shimu xdcc send #8
/msg DH|Zariba xdcc send #5
/msg DH|Zaruba xdcc send #6 (I got mine off this last one in 20 minutes, lickety split)

(Get the other BOTS/Pack Lists for earlier episodes of D.N.Angel on the Website)

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