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Forgot to mention this earlier....

Bubba bubbaq called me this afternoon and asked about herophelia and Chicken Killer a.k.a. ashkitty today.

He says "HI!"

He also called to tell my mom she reminds him of "Fairy Merriweather" from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. (Guess which DVD he got earlier?)

Mom went "Because I'm short, cute and round?"

Bubba: *Giggle* (embarrassed and sheepish) "Yeaaaahhh."

I haven't let mom live that one down all day!

*evil grin*

ME: Yo! Merriweather!

MOM: I'll Merriweather you in a minute! MAKE IT BLUE! (Cue mom with her imaginary magic wand swish and flick!)

ME: Mom don't quote lines or I'll never stop teasing you.

MOM: Bibbity bobbity boo I'm older than you!

ME: That was "Cinderella's Fairy Godmother!", and you don't have to make everything RHYME! That's annoying! DR. Seuss!

MOM: Magic schmagic, three green eggs in a basket!... OH....Boiled eggs, I made boiled eggs.... Want a Salad?

and so forth and so on...

Ah... life in my house is never dull.

Insane, bad pun filled crap and Idiotic at times, but certainly not dull.


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