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Stupid Quiz!

It's not my fault I was a good girl and didn't cheat and got MARRIED during my best sex years to someone MUCH OLDER with no libido!

What about FORCED celibacy? (During and AFTER!)

Divorced and over 30! HELLO can we see a trend here?

It's not that I don't want some, you try getting some at my age, in Hicksville, USA when you look as BAD as I do!

*the crickets chirp in lament of my sex life*

baby kiss
You are Mediocre sex.

What kind of sex are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


and WHOA reading the massive responses to this... Guys, GUYS Read *SARCASM* here. I'm not *THAT* annoyed by it. I don't need comfort but thanks sssooo much for caring you gave me warm squishes.

I'm fine. I give a shit really, I'm *NOT* looking for a partner. I don't need one, been there done that, 'G'Night Bruce' in the drawer is more than enough company if I'm desperate.

*Wink* (and laugh that was a joke kiddies, it's name it NOT 'G'Night Bruce'.)

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