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Original Project Questions

Since I *REALLY* want to work on something for me for a change and these Characters (Cor and Ahna) are becoming annoying little voices in my head.... ><__><

I have some Questions.

Now my BAD POINTS when it comes to drawing Manga

1.) I SUCK MONKEY BALLS when it comes to scenery, animals, chairs, homes, I mean I am really, really, MASSIVELY BAD at all the "extras" that *NEED* to be in manga.

2.) I get extremely "Wordy" in dialogue. I write great dialogue (It's my strong point in writing) I just write too MUCH for Manga purposes. It could take me 30 drawn pages to get through a scene over dinner. Unless the entire page were dialogue bubbles. *NOT GOOD*

So therein lies my dilemma for actually starting this project.

(Apart from the fact Manga is a very labor intensive process ESPECIALLY when you are doing it alone, sketch, rough, tone, story etc...)

UNLESS I do this as more of a heavily illustrated Novel. Like a Picture to illustrate key points every few pages.

But I don't think that's ever been done before (I've seen books with one picture per CHAPTER, but none every few pages) and I don't know if that sort of format would even WORK...

Does anyone else here have an opinion/suggestions on this.

I'm just LOST right now creatively, and I want to do something of this nature but the sheer daunting prospects of tackling such a HUGE undertaking alone frankly scares the living CRAP out of me.

Input would be greatly appreciated.



And a HAPPY fangirl SQUEE!
This is what I got in the mail today
It was my prize for winning the Tsukimono Otoshi Fanart Contest
It's Fucking gorgeous! It has a Vinyl cover! I guess to keep DROOL from ruining it!
Some very, very NICE art, Oh yeah.

There's one in here of Dark and Krad that is so HOT it's smokin'! (in my opinion, I find this stuff really spiffy! Innuendo me BABY!)
No yaoi fodder my ASS! *grin*

SEE! (Happy Leer) We knew Krad had that wierd-ass Long Bang in front for a reason!

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