D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Doldrums and Overtime

Grah, down to 3 people in my department, working on over 500 orders a day, and in a perfect world, we could handle that workload.

Life as we know is rarely "perfect".

In a basic nutshell, we typeset wedding invitations and all the little cards and such that go with them.

We set from scratch the stuff that comes in via the mail, but phone and internet orders come through our parser system, which then gets sent to the "writer" and the writer pulls up the templates, pastes on what the customer wants etc..

Those then come to us to verify. We check the spelling, the layout, the wording.. (like on Disney invites you CANNOT EXCLUDE CHILDREN. Do not ask me why, it's Disney's rule. So we have to check for "Adult Reception Only", "No Children Please", "Cocktails at Five" (No alcohol mentioned on Disney Stock either). And if those are on there we've got to kick it back to customer service so they can contact the customer. etc...

Since most of our orders are internet and phone/fax we could handle the massive workload.

But when the parser and writer fail and we have to type *ALL* the invitations from scratch the whole process slows to a crawl.

This is just for the Wedding stuff. We do Mis Quince Anos stuff too, and the Spanish culture has a WHOLE DIFFERENT way to do formal invitations.

EVERYONE, from the Honoree's to the guy who brings the plastic forks to the party (I'm not kidding.) EVERYONE gets a mention on the invitation.

They tend to have BIG FAMILIES

By the time we're done with these invites the font is so small it looks like ants crawling across the page. No one EVER wants an insert, they want it all on the card, then they are mad when we cannot fit 512 lines of text at a 3000 word count on a 5x7 card.


And I do NOT speak Spanish, so I take extra long 'cause I have to make sure I am reading the chicken scratch off this napkin they sent in as their order and read around the sauce, and type letter by letter and HOPE they spelled everything right.

My spellchecker is beeping bloody hell at me, wanting me to put in a tilde here and an acute accent there, and I've no clue where to stick it, cause I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH.

The only Spanish I know I learned on Sesame Street. Uno, Dos, Tres, etc...

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which bites this company in the ass more often than not. Cause sure as shit, this torn napkin I read:


but they wanted it "Dios" capital D

(They didn't cap it on the request. I had no clue that meant GOD!!!!)

We have to reprint it, free of charge. It was the customer's fault, but I GET THE REPRINT, which counts against me cause "You should have questioned it." (we're allowed one reprint/mistake every 300 orders before they jump on our asses. That's an extremely DIFFICULT margin.)

How can I as the question if I don't even know what the fuck I'm reading to FORM the question?



Now they want me to move template files in the server directory, make napkin Die artwork exclusively in our department, handle all the e-mail, And Typeset...

Can we say I'm stressed?

All this with no overtime, yet all these tasks mounting with computer problems that slow us down, and more responsibilities, I find I'm having to get to work before 8 am and I'm not leaving until after five with no lunch (Which they yell at me for. How can I take a lunch if no one lets me out of my chair without a problem?)

All this for $9.50 an hour and no benefits cause as I ranted about a week ago they keep finding excuses not to "offer" me the full time position and just keep me on "temp to Hire" status.

Shoot me?


I'd be a lot happier at this point.


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