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I'm such a non-traditionalist when it comes to food.

I'm such a non-traditionalist when it comes to food.

No I mean it...

A lot of it is because I'm limited in what I can physically eat (as in Swallow, I went into the whole thing about this condition I have a while back in the old LJ so I'll not repeat myself), and I'm also limited where my diabetes is concerned. I have to monitor myself and not OVER indulge.

But the main reason is, I'm really not a fan of food, very FEW things really get my taste buds a-drooling. I'm sort of just blasé about food in general.

I love Lobster/Shrimp/crab (Shellfish in general) in just about everything. (Maybe except Pizza *shudder*).

I love Cheese.

I LURVE Chocolate (who doesn't? This is one craving I *HAVE* to do in moderation *damn*)

I LURVE White Peaches (Again, like Chocolate gotta watch it.)

That's really it of the foods that trip my meter.

Then comes by non-traditional part... which is the POINT of my post (Hey I'm PMSing and I suffer really *BAD* insomnia... I haven't slept in maybe 38 hours other than a 2 hour cat nap yesterday at around noon-two).

I don't classify my foods to "breakfast, lunch, and or dinner". I could care LESS what time of day it is... if I want pizza at 8 a.m. I am going to eat Pizza.

I'm an adult, I can do that. (Only when I was a kid it was chocolate cake for breakfast desires, and I've been known to do that too. The day after my birthday for example, I had a big-ol-slice of it.)

But what brought this up and the reason I'm mentioning it at all in my journal to bore you all to tears with is my Dad.

See he went out and bought doughnuts... the little pink box was sitting right there on the counter as I proceeded to make what I wanted for breakfast.

Dad walks in as I am preparing my lovely little fresh spinach salad, a little sprinkle of shaved carrots, with a diced boiled egg, some scrummy restaurant style croutons, and some Louis rich chicken chunks. (A little handful, I don't like a lot of meat in my salad.), and had I not eaten all my cheese yesterday that would have been in my bowl too. Add a light coating of ranch dressing and I'm a happy girl this morning.

My father is looking at me like I've grown horns on my head.

"SALAD FOR BREAKFAST?!?!" He exclaimed as he grabs his third doughnut (The non-descript one, that "one" that comes standard in all mixed dozens. Ya know the one I mean, it's the one with the "day-glow" pepto bismol pink icing and chopped peanuts, the one that is ALWAYS left all by itself after your co-workers beat you to the box... That one.)

I look at Dad's breakfast, then Mine.

I think I'll stick with my salad thanks. To me this *IS* breakfast/lunch/dinner/anytime food.

(I'll probably have that nice little plain cake (my favorite) doughnut dad bought me for lunch.)


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