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WR: The Bookleg Version: A Review

Wanna know how they translated the English Word "Gravity"?

The last line of the song subtitle is:

"I feel the Centrifical Force of it, all of it"


I laughed my ever lovin' ASS OFF the entire way through the first disk I finally found a HK bootleg with WORSE subtitles than Yu Yu Hakusho

This is a treat just for the "Laugh Factor"

It's absolutely HORRIBLE!

I think I hurt something laughing watching it.

Hey I got a SUPER cheap deal on it, and I tend to really like the bootleg boxes. The Yami no Matsuei box is BEAUTIFUL.
(And yes I replaced my bootleg with the US version Descendants of Darkness so no yelling at me, the HK box for YnM was GORGEOUS, much nicer than the black generic slip cover print boxes they released here. El Cheapo packaging is the norm sadly for US releases.. I switched boxes on that series.)

This one is "okay" worth what I paid for it, for the box, the disks will make great coasters when I replace it with the US release, it's all they're good for because the subtitles are really ATROCIOUS! They make absolutely no sense, they left the Asian syntax, so verbs, adjectives and nouns are all out of whack for English, if it's your first time seeing it, you'll be clueless because they make absolutely NO SENSE!

"Ran for the Eden place it was tired Journey"... Whaaaat? Ooooookay I think they meant they "RAN on the Journey toward Paradise" or something close, they are THAT BAD folks.

The Character names are really JACKED too Tsume - Lanco or "The Wolf's Nail"

Kinda like Koenma in YYH = "King of Hell, Jr." in the subtitles

Very literal name translations. Or total whatever they felt like putting in there.

Not to mention the 101 spelling errors or grammar errors in the first 15 minutes alone.

It cheap, it's fun for a laugh, but not good for much else, it's not something you can show to someone who's NEVER seen it, it will just confuse the masses by in large.

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